For every garden or lawn, weed control is a feature of lawn maintenance that you have to seriously take into consideration. Weeds can compete actively with the plants around your lawn when it comes to nutrients, air, water, food, and space. If you leave your plants unattended, you are inviting weeds to the area. Most of the time, weeds will win.  

Luckily, almost every lawn care service provides weed control. This means that you can get rid of the weeds as part of the package if you hire the company.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several things you should know about weed control services from a Greenville lawn care and maintenance company. 

Use of Pre-Emergent Agents 

As the name implies, pre-emergent products prevent the germination of weed seeds right inside the soil. As the new grass grows during the spring season, a professional will introduce pre-emergent herbicides into the soil. There are a lot of professional lawn care companies that use pre-emergent agents to handle weeds.  

Minimal use of Mechanical Tools 

To get the work done when it comes to weed control, professionals do not usually use mechanical tools. Getting rid of weed isn’t a physical activity. It’s more of a strategy. They can use a spreader to disperse herbicides. However, you might be recommended to remove by hand if there are only a few weeds.  

Affordable Maintenance Service 

A weed control service is typically extremely affordable. That’s why they are included in most lawn care packages.  

Use of Mulch Beds 

For those who don’t know, if you use mulch, you can moisten the soil. It stops the growth of annoying weeds on the soil as well. Oftentimes, utilizing beds of mulch needs a degree of experience. Typically, most lawn care companies have this type of experience. It’s always a wise move to hire a professional lawn care company if you would like to use mulch beds as a means of controlling the weeds in your lawn. 

Lowered Rate of Pests 

Weeds can attract insects. Unfortunately, these insects are cause damage to your lawn and your home. Unlike normal grass, they’re made up of a huge range of plants that can attract unwanted insects that feed on them. Luckily, if you hire a weed control service, you can easily lower the incidence of pest infestation.  

Correct Use of Weed-Killing Products 

If you handle the job on your own, weed control can be risky. This is particularly true if you do not have the experience. On the other hand, if you hire a professional weed control company, they’ll know how to properly use weed-killing products without endangering your yard.  

Expert Services 

If you’re going to hire a reliable lawn care company, there’s a high possibility that it is managed by actual experts who know exactly what they are doing. A weed control service may be what you require if you want to take care of your lawn without any room for mistakes. A professional lawn care company can help you get rid of weeds without affecting the other plants around your lawn.